Clean Up Your Rubbish, Demands McMillan

Yet again, the entrance to the former Inverkip Power Station site has fallen foul of fly-tipping and local MSP Stuart McMillan speaks out against this blight.

With the environment such a hot topic at present, many local groups are taking action by organising events such as beach cleans. Mr McMillan is frustrated however that members of our community feel forced to organise community clean events due to others disgraceful and selfish behaviour of others.

Consequently, the Inverclyde SNP MSP is calling on people to stop fly-tipping to take responsibility for disposing correctly of their rubbish.

Mr McMillan said:

“Can the people who are dumping their rubbish just stop it and take it to either Pottery Street or Kirn Drive where it belongs.

“Inverclyde actually is a beautiful location but it’s being blighted by some people who act selfishly by dumping their rubbish without regard for anyone or the taxpayer who will ultimately foot the bill when it’s cleared.

“Being irresponsible or lazy, or both doesn’t help the vast majority of locals who have a pride in Inverclyde.

“Clearly the dumb dumpers are using vehicles to drive to their dumping locations instead of going to either of the Recycle centres. Why not just go to either Pottery Street or Kirn Drive and save everyone the hassle of cleaning up your mess.

“Local clean-up crews, all volunteers, are taking to the community to litter pick and they are doing a great job. However, it’s infuriating to know that no matter how much they collect, there will always be plenty still needing picked up next time.

“Anyone with any information about who dumped this latest load of rubbish, please contact Inverclyde Council immediately, and I encourage people to challenge anyone they see fly-tipping to try and change people’s attitudes.”


One thought on “Clean Up Your Rubbish, Demands McMillan

  1. James Dick

    Thank you for highlighting illegal dumping. St. Ninian’s Manse, which is empty at the moment has been targeted. We have had to lock the gates to stop additional fly tipping!


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