McMillan Meets with St Andrew’s First Aid

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP, Stuart McMillan, has praised the volunteers who give freely of their time to support the St Andrew’s First Aid Inverclyde Company. Mr McMillan was able to meet with the Inverclyde Company last week and learn more about St Andrew’s First Aid.

Speaking after the visit, Stuart said:

“I really commend the Inverclyde Company volunteers. I was very warmly welcomed by Commandant Shaun Conway and the team who gave me an overview of what the company do and demonstrated some basic first aid.

“Having first aid training, even just the basics, can really make a difference during a medical emergency, so I would always encourage my constituents to attend a course. St Andrew’s First Aid recently opened a dedicated training centre at Ladyburn Business Centre on Pottery Street in the hope more people from Inverclyde will learn first aid.

“I am very heartened to see many councils across Scotland offering first aid training to all pupils, which highlights just how serious we are now taking this training as a nation. Locally, Kathleen Orr from Jayden’s Rainbow has done a fanatic job in increasing knowledge and awareness of defibrillators which is also important.

“The more people who are trained in first aid and CPR, then the more people who can be helped in their time of need, which will ultimately lead to more lives being saved.

St Andrews First Aid are always looking for more volunteers so if anyone would like to get involved please visit St Andrew’s First Aid website or call 0300 4 666 999.


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