Tories policies have broken Britain, not the EU, says McMillan

Yesterday the Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly rejected Theresa May’s false choice of a bad Brexit or No Deal.

The joint motion agreed by the SNP, Labour, Greens and the Lib Dems stated that a better alternative must be found – leaving the Tories isolated in their support for Theresa May’s discredited proposals.

During the Scottish Government EU Withdrawal debate, Stuart McMillan MSP highlighted how the Conservative party have been inflicting damage during their years in power, and why the Tories are the real danger to people rather than the UK being part of the EU.

During his speech, the Greenock and Inverclyde MSP emphasised the damning consequences of the UK Tory Government’s so-called welfare reforms, and that Brexit will only make the situation worse for people.

Commenting after the debate, Mr McMillan said:

“It’s clear the Tories just want to deliver Theresa May’s Brexit deal at any cost. We have been told it’s this deal or no deal. This isn’t a game show, it’s real life, and no matter which way any of us look at it, the deal on the table will only bring more pain, more suffering and more tragedy.

“Scottish Government research published last week indicates that Scots will be £1,600 worse off as a result of Brexit. That is a huge amount of money and will inevitably plunge people into a crisis they will struggle to get themselves out of.

“The devastating effects of policies like the two-child cap and Universal Credit are not a result of policies from the EU Commission or unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, but elected Tory MPs in Westminster.

“Just as the Tories won’t acknowledge the link between Universal Credit rollout and increasing foodbank usage, if Brexit goes ahead I suspect they won’t admit blame for the damage it will wreak on the people of Scotland and across the UK.

“The handling of Brexit has been a disaster from the very beginning and I have absolutely no sympathy for the Prime Minister. She has brought this chaos on herself and woe betide any Tory at the next election that defends the indefensible to the electorate.”

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