V&A Dundee Director Presentation is Warmly Welcomed

Custom House Hotel played host to V&A Dundee Director Philip Long as he presented to locals during a public event organised by Stuart McMillan MSP. Mr Long visited Inverclyde to discuss the journey of Dundee V&A from idea to reality, and how it has been part of the wider regeneration of the Dundee waterfront.

Having piped on top of the Dundee V&A during its construction in his role as the Scottish Parliamentary Piper, Mr McMillan attended the opening of the V&A earlier this year and invited Mr Long to come to Inverclyde and speak to local stakeholders.

Following Mr Long’s visit, Stuart commented:

“I was delighted to welcome Philip to Inverclyde. He has a wealth of experience in the arts and has now been part of massive art and regeneration project in Dundee. Like Inverclyde, Dundee’s waterfront has been the focal point for the area over many generations. Within the last few decades, locals of all political persuasions came together and put their politics to one side and said we need one strategy which will benefit the whole area.

“The regeneration of the waterfront is testament to this collective vision, with the Dundee V&A as the focal point. By inviting Philip to speak to the people of Inverclyde, I hope to have fostered some of the spirit that has helped to transform Dundee.

Comment, Mr Long said: “It was a pleasure to meet representatives from Greenock and Inverclyde and talk to them about the development of V&A Dundee and how it is contributing to the future of the city. I was also pleased to hear about a range of plans for the future of Inverclyde, and wish these every success”.


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