UK Govt must end WASPI injustice, says local MSP

SNP MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde, Stuart McMillan, has demanded the UK Tory government end the pension injustice for thousands of women across Scotland.

Speaking in a Scottish Parliament debate (3rd April), the local MSP challenged the Prime Minister and Work & Pensions Secretary to support those who have been adversely affected by the acceleration of the change to their state pension age.

The SNP have argued that transitional measures to mitigate the issue would cost significantly less than the UK government’s £30 billion figure, with independent research commissioned by the SNP showing the cost would only sit at £8 billion.

Addressing the chamber, Stuart McMillan MSP said:

“Politicians from the pro-union side of the constitutional debate have argued that the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament have the powers to do something about the WASPI situation. There have even been suggestions that we should top up the pensions, but those suggestions are disingenuous.

“First, if the system is wrong and pensions need to be topped up, there will be a shortfall, which will need to be fixed. Secondly, women are being targeted by the Tory UK Government to make up for its own mistakes. Thirdly, the Scottish Parliament does not have the powers to fix the situation, so any suggestion by politicians that it does is misleading and does the WASPI campaigners yet another injustice, on top of the one that has already been inflicted.”

Mr McMillan later added:

“These women have paid into the system and deserve to be paid their pension. They are not wanting something they are not entitled to. It’s their money.”

Following the debate, the Greenock and Inverclyde MSP met campaigners at a WASPI event in the Scottish Parliament, including Chris and Marion who share Stuart’s surname (McMillan).

Watch Stuart’s full debate here.


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