McMillan demands urgent action to fix Newark Roundabout

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP, Stuart McMillan, has today demanded urgent action from Transport Scotland to fix the abysmal road surface at Newark roundabout.

The local SNP MSP has twice contacted Transport Scotland asking for the road to be repaired, but has been told that this will not happen until October as the defect is not classified as a Category 1 defect, which would require an immediate repair.

Speaking on the matter, Mr McMillan said:

“While I welcome the progress that is being made to improve the trunk road network in Inverclyde by Transport Scotland, I am extremely disappointed at Newark Roundabout’s surface not being considered bad enough to prompt action.

“If Transport Scotland wait until October to mend the area, it will get worse, and more cars will likely incur damage as a result. Adverse weather at that time of year could also delay works, which is why I am calling on Transport Scotland to attend to this as a matter of urgency.

“As the main trunk road route into Inverclyde, it’s important for our area economically and socially, so action must be taken sooner rather than later.”

Local resident, Lesley Roberts, added:

“My car was badly damaged at the Finlaystone entrance on the A8. It was a mass of medium holes and uneven surfaces from the railway bridge to the estate.

“Both Stuart and I managed to get Transport Scotland to fix the road and they have delivered an excellent job.

“However, despite having photographic evidence of the appalling state of the road, Scotland Transerv, who carry out the road maintenance, are still refusing to reimburse me, which is disgraceful. I’m over £500 out of pocket.”

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