National Treasure Hunt with creative twist comes to Inverclyde

Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde is encouraging the public to get involved in a journey of artistic discovery and share their finds through selfies on social media – and you can find some of them in Inverclyde.

As part of this CashBack for Communities campaign, artwork or installations created by young people will be displayed in popular places in communities across Scotland for people to discover. You can find out more about the campaign on

Each item will have a tag attached explaining about CashBack funding and encouraging people to share their find on social media using #CashBackCreates. This aims to raise awareness of so many creative projects and encourage other young people to get involved and create excitement about what is going on in their local area. This guerrilla marketing style campaign will continue until the end of July.

So what kind of things might you be looking for around Inverclyde?

Murals are a great way to tell a story and be expressive. That’s why young people in Inverclyde will be getting creative and making murals, using a range of materials, to reflect the positive aspects of community life. Keep your eyes peeled if you are around Larkfield or Leven Road. See it, take a photo and post to social media with #CashBackCreates.

The Connect Art Project, part of Youth Connections, will support young people from two areas of Inverclyde to portray, in mural form, the positives of their local communities. The idea for the project comes from young people themselves, and will involve the use of recycled glass and discarded textiles. They will create a vibrant enthusiastic depiction of the communities they live in to counter the more negative messages that the young people felt were often associated with where they live. The project will also include drama workshops to generate ideas for the murals.

The CashBack for Creativity Open Fund – administered by YouthLink Scotland through delivery partner, Creative Scotland, and funded by Scottish Government – has awarded a total of £324,000 to 45 community-based arts project across the country, which will reach over 4,927 young people in local communities.

The fund offers a fantastic chance for young people to access a range of high-quality arts, screen and creative industries activities. The programme targets children and young people in communities and areas where there is currently a lack of opportunity.

Commenting, the local SNP MSP said:

“In Inverclyde and across Scotland young people engage with fun and imaginative projects that too few of us are aware of. This #CashBackCreates initiative is therefore a perfect opportunity for communities to discover and experience unique pieces of locally created artwork.

“The Scottish Government’s investment in the Cashback for Communities programme has helped young people in Inverclyde learn new skills, boost their confidence and reach their full potential, and the 45 inspiring projects recently announced through the CashBack for Creativity Open Fund are opening up access to a huge range of innovative and exciting projects for young people across Scotland.”

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