Local MSP visits ‘Art in Action’ as part of summer-long campaign to put art at the heart of a vibrant future Scotland

Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde visited RIG Arts on Monday (19 August 2019) as part of the nationwide Art in Action campaign, which is being spearheaded by Scottish Contemporary Art Network (SCAN).

SCAN, the member-led body for contemporary visual art in Scotland, launched the Art in Action campaign to champion the valuable role visual art plays within communities across Scotland – and to call for stronger recognition of this value when it comes to decision-making.

Commenting, Stuart said:

“It was great to hear about RIG Arts’ summer activities and the positive impact the visual arts has on communities within my constituency.

“It’s important that people are invited to engage with initiatives to brighten up their area, and RIG Arts are a fantastic example of an organisation working to empower local people to play a part in designing and shaping the visual landscape in which they live.

“RIG Arts also strive to use upcycled, sustainable materials and prove that items often discarded as rubbish can be turned into a piece of art for everyone to enjoy.

“I encourage everyone locally to engage with RIG Arts as their activities inspire us to think about art and our communities differently.”

During the summer recess, MSPs are invited to see for themselves the positive impact of visual art in their constituencies and share their experience via social media using #ArtInAction. They have been asked to make a public commitment to support artists and art in their communities.

Through the Art in Action campaign, SCAN will showcase work from across Scotland that shows how artists play an integral role in their communities, creating a shared experience that enhances wellbeing and furthers our understanding of our world.

SCAN director, Clare Harris, said:

“Culture and creativity are not an add-on; they are part and parcel of how we live our lives. Art facilitates new ways of seeing in a way that is positive for all of us.

“As part of the fabric of our diverse and multi-faceted society, contemporary visual art can feed long-term change within our communities. As such artists should play an integral role in planning for a future vibrant Scotland. We challenge decision-makers to think differently about art – and to recognise its potential by investing in it.”

See more about the Art in Action campaign here.

One thought on “Local MSP visits ‘Art in Action’ as part of summer-long campaign to put art at the heart of a vibrant future Scotland

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