SNP Scottish Government sets out Programme for Government while Westminster in shutdown

Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde has welcomed the Scottish Government’s 2019-20 Programme for Government, as the SNP sets out plans to tackle climate change and build a fairer country in the midst of Westminster chaos and instability.

Setting out her plans for the year ahead, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP has outlined how the Scottish Government would address the climate crisis with a range of new measures, including £500m of investment in public transport.

The Scottish Government will put in place a ‘Green New Deal’, harnessing the power of the Scottish National Investment Bank to attract £3bn of investment in green projects.

While tackling the global climate emergency is at the heart of this year’s Programme, other commitments include an additional £20m of funding to help prevent drug deaths, supporting local services and providing targeted support.

Commenting, the local SNP MSP said:

“The SNP has achieved a huge amount in government – in just the last year we’ve increased NHS funding, increased teacher numbers and pay, and delivered brand new benefits through our Scottish Social Security Agency.

“The Programme includes plans that will directly benefit Inverclyde, such as targeted support to prevent drug-related deaths, and the date for the first Scottish Child Payments being brought forward to Christmas 2020.

“The Animal Health and Welfare (Amendment) Bill is also set to be introduced within this parliamentary year – delivering on the Greenock Telegraph’s ‘Justice For Pets’ campaign appeal for tougher sentences for the most serious animal welfare offences.

“I was pleased to secure a commitment in principle from the Scottish Government to introduce a charge on disposable drinks cups as part of the 2018-19 Budget deal, so was delighted to hear that the Circular Economy Bill to be introduced this year will enable further action to tackle our reliance on single-use products. This paves the way for measures to encourage people to reduce their single-use waste, such as introducing a fee for using disposable coffee cups, which I have campaigned for.

“Other important commitments include investment of half a billion pounds in improved bus priority infrastructure to tackle to impacts of congestion on bus services and raise bus usage, and putting in place a Women’s Health Plan to tackle women’s health inequalities.

“This is just a snapshot of the Scottish Government’s ambitious plan for the year ahead, and shows that while Westminster is embroiled in disorder and uncertainty, the SNP are focused on the day job and delivering for Scotland.

“However, let me be clear – although we are doing everything we can to move Scotland forward, the threat to our economy and our society posed by Boris Johnson’s plan for a No Deal Brexit remains.”

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