Local MSP welcomes head of National Galleries of Scotland to Inverclyde

On Friday 23 August, Stuart McMillan MSP welcomed Sir John Leighton, Director General of the National Galleries of Scotland, to his constituency of Greenock and Inverclyde to show what the area has to offer.

The local SNP MSP gave Sir John Leighton a brief tour of Inverclyde, stopping in at the Burns Club at Custom House, the Beacon Arts Centre and the Tobacco Warehouse on the corner of Clarence, Hood and Haig Streets.

This was a result of Stuart inviting Sir John Leighton to Inverclyde in an effort to get the National Galleries of Scotland to consider bringing exhibitions to the area.

(L-R) Stuart McMillan MSP, Sir John Leighton, Chris Breward

Commenting, Stuart said:

“It was a pleasure to welcome Sir John Leighton to Inverclyde, and I’m grateful to him for taking the time to visit my constituency.

“Inverclyde has plenty to offer in terms of exhibition space, with the Beacon being an obvious choice, but also the Custom House and the Tobacco Warehouse, which both have a history attached and a story to tell. We also have great transport links from Glasgow, and if exhibitions coincided with the cruise season, it would be a further attraction for tourists.

“This visit was all about showing Sir John Leighton, and by extension the National Galleries of Scotland, that Inverclyde is more than capable of hosting exhibitions. Inverclyde has a rich history, beautiful scenery and is therefore an ideal location for temporary or touring exhibitions.

Sir John Leighton added:

“During my visit I was able to catch at least a glimpse of some of the lively and diverse cultural venues in Inverclyde and I look forward to exploring potential initiatives for bringing works from the national art collection to this area in the future.”

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