Local MSP’s transport submission focuses on local and accessibility needs

Stuart McMillan MSP has submitted his comments on the National Transport Strategy 2 Review to Transport Scotland – which focuses on the needs of his Greenock and Inverclyde constituency and accessibility.

The local SNP MSP recognised how challenging it must be to develop a transport strategy that delivers for all of Scotland and its people, but emphasised the importance of trying to achieve this.

Stuart also noted that his office frequently deals with transport issues from constituents, namely the trunk road network, but added that the topography of Inverclyde causes ‘unenviable challenges’ for public authorities.

Commenting, Stuart said:

“My submission to the National Transport Strategy 2 Review was based on two main drivers – the needs of my Greenock and Inverclyde constituency, and accessibility. However, other factors including tourism, the environment, active travel and access to health facilities also influenced my comments.

“Flooding issues over many decades have been well documented and proved extremely problematic for local businesses, commuters, visitors and residents who live along the waterfront. While a flood prevention plan has eventually been put in place, more work must be done to consider how Inverclyde’s infrastructure is more resilient in all weathers.

“Inverclyde is well connected to Glasgow via the railway lines, but with more homes being proposed for the Inverkip area, the Wemyss Bay line will need to be able to cope with an increase in passengers.

“Our area has also faced population decline since the 1980s – our elderly population in increasing while the number of working-age people living in Inverclyde is declining. This is unsustainable for public service delivery, and we must consider how accessible, affordable and reliable transport links can attract more people to live and work in Inverclyde.

“I welcome the investment from local and national transport providers that has taken place in recent years, but I want to see continual training for transport staff so people of all abilities can fully access public transport. I particularly support the use of audio messages on trains and buses to inform blind and visually impaired passengers.

“The reduction in use of both petrol and diesel vehicles is crucial to a cleaner environment, so I welcome active travel plans for Inverclyde, and want to see more support to help people transition towards electric vehicles if they rely on this mode of travel.

“The aim of my submission is to inform future national transport strategies and call for further investment in Inverclyde’s transport infrastructure. Transport is hugely topical locally, and I will continue to push for action that will benefit local residents, businesses and is inviting to tourists.”

If you would like a copy of Stuart’s submission, please contact our office and we can provide either a digital or a printed version.

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