Local MSP encourages constituents to register their electrical items

Around three quarters of fires in Scottish homes are caused by electricity, with most linked to electrical appliances – which is why Stuart McMillan MSP is supporting Electrical Safety First and its new campaign entitled Do It Now.

The leading consumer safety charity aims to encourage people to register their electrical items to ensure they can be easily contacted if they have bought a recalled product.

Commenting, the Greenock and Inverclyde MSP said:

“Many electrical products are recalled because they can lead to fire or electric shock, presenting a serious threat to life and property – and with the low success rate of recalls, just 10-20%, there could potentially be thousands of recalled items still in Scottish homes.”

Since 2007, 559 recall notices have been issued for electrical products, yet Electrical Safety First’s research found that only 21% of Scots always register their electrical goods.

Wayne Mackay, Deputy Public Affairs Manager at Electrical Safety First, said:

“These statistics are particularly disturbing when you realise that over four fires each week are caused by white goods, such as fridges and tumble-dryers, alone.

“Registering your product is essential in helping manufacturers to contact you rapidly if there is a known problem, or a recall of a product. It takes just minutes to do but it could save your life. To make things even simpler, we have produced a short guide, which offers a quick and easy three-step guide to product registration and some straightforward white goods safety.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Services (SFRS) support the guide, as David Dourley, its Head of Fire Investigation explains:

“We are regularly involved in fires, some of them fatal, which have been caused by faulty electrical appliances. So we’re urging people to protect themselves from these risks by always registering their products.”

Stuart echoes this concern:

“I encourage all of my constituents to register their items and read Electrical Safety First’s guide. The process will take minutes, but the benefits can last a lifetime by saving lives and homes.”

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