Children’s Minister praises local childminders at Funworld visit

On Friday 8 November, the Minister for Children and Young People, Maree Todd MSP, visited Inverclyde Childminding Network’s event at Funworld in Greenock to hear how local childminders are working with Inverclyde Council ahead of the early learning and childcare (ELC) expansion.

By August 2020, the Scottish Government will offer 1140 hours of funded childcare each year for all 3-5 year olds and eligible two-year olds.

In line with the funding-follows-the-child model, parents can choose whether to split their child’s 1140 hours between a nursery and a childminder – known as blended care.

Commenting after the visit, Stuart McMillan MSP said:

“I was delighted that the Children’s Minister accepted my invite to meet local childminders and hear how they’re preparing to offer blended care to families in Inverclyde as part of the ELC expansion.

“It’s important that parents have the option to choose the type of childcare that suits their needs, so it’s vital that childminders are included in the 1140-hour rollout.

“Inverclyde Childminding Network’s support for Inverclyde Foodbank shows our area’s community spirit and it was great to see all the children and their parents enjoying their morning at Funworld.

Minister for Children and Young People, Maree Todd MSP, said:

“It was fantastic to see the wonderful activities organised by the Inverclyde Childminding Network, and the stalls providing local families with valuable information and support.

“Childminders play a vital role in providing funded early learning and childcare, offering high quality, flexible options tailored to each child and their family’s needs, as well as a space for creativity and learning through play.”

To find out more about the 1140-hour rollout and Inverclyde Childminding Network, visit

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