McMillan Calls for Urgent Action on Accident Hotspot

With yet another car crash occurring at the Inverkip/ A78 junction on Saturday, Stuart McMillan MSP has called on all parties responsible for road safety at this area to take urgent action to make this road safer.

Commenting, Stuart said:

“This junction is unsafe and with yet another accident, will it take a fatality to make the changes that are required.

“On Saturday evening, I wrote to Inverclyde Council, the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland highlighting yet another accident and asking for progress to be made with this City Deal project.

“With this being a City Deal project, in addition to the power station development, I am keen for the road to be made safer. I don’t support the vast power station development but I am supportive of the A78 being made safer.

“I have been highlighting the junction for far too many years and want all those with a responsibility to act.

“In the first instance, until the logjam with the full project is fixed, I would like to see a speed reduction put in place. Some have suggested 40mph and others 30mph. Either of these would help protect road users.

“Secondly, I would like a fresh impetus begin between Inverclyde Council, Transport Scotland and Scottish Power to drive this City Deal project forward.

“It’s clear the City Deal project has stalled. Time for talk is done. This road is the only A road in and out of Inverclyde to the West. When it’s closed, we can’t have the situation like we did on Saturday where hundreds of cars are heading up the single track Greenock Cut road in the pitch black.

“For the safety of everyone who uses this road, I urge all relevant parties to sit down, sort out the problems and make this road safer.”

Copy of email Stuart McMillan MSP sent to Inverclyde Council, Transport Scotland and The Scottish Government on Saturday.

Dear Roy, Michael and Aubrey,

I write regarding the A78 in Inverkip.

As you will be aware this road is programmed to be part of the Inverkip City Deal Project.

There had been yet another accident this evening at the north junction leaving the village (Sainsbury’s Junction).

I am unaware of the full details of the incident but part of the road was once again shut off for traffic.

In an evening of horrendous weather, traffic was diverted up towards the Loch Thom road which is in the main single track and proved to be challenging due to the number of people who were travelling in both directions.

I would be grateful if you can do the following please?

1. Publish an updated status on the City Deal Project for Inverkip, in particular the road amendments, and 2. Bring forward an emergency speed reduction order to help prevent further accidents at this junction.

If the speed is reduced on this section of the A78, as it is when drivers enter Wemyss Bay (40 mph), then further accidents may be prevented.

I have a long record of communication about this junction calling for a long term sustainable solution. Tonight is yet another example that the current situation is not suitable.

I look forward to your reply.

Best regards


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