MSP welcomes review of all Greenock traffic signals

Stuart McMillan MSP has welcomed an initial study to review all traffic signals in the Greenock area after he contacted Transport Scotland about the sequencing of traffic lights in the constituency.

The review will examine traffic flows, signal apparatus, infrastructure layouts and signal timings across Greenock.

The Greenock and Inverclyde MSP had raised specific concerns about the sequencing at the A78 Auchmead Road junction, and has previously highlighted the traffic signalling issues across Inverclyde, particularly at Bogston train station junction on the A8.

Commenting, Stuart said:

“The decision by Transport Scotland to review all of the traffic signals in Greenock is welcome.

“I receive a number of complaints from constituents about ineffective signalling sequences locally that result in cars being stopped at a red light for no reason, and can lead to the trunk roads becoming unnecessarily congested at busy times.

“The findings of this initial study are expected to be reported by summer 2020, but given the unusual time we find ourselves in with COVID-19, I suspect this work will be delayed. However, Transport Scotland have committed to this review and I hope it will mean traffic signalling in Greenock will improve.”

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