McMillan questions health board over ITU closure

Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde has questioned NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde about reports of the ITU unit at the IRH closing.

Commenting, Stuart said:

“I was shocked the read the article in the Greenock Telegraph about the closure of the ITU at the IRH. I suspected the usual scare story of the IRH being under threat but this story appears to be both accurate and concerning.

“I have spoken to a few constituents and people who work in the IRH to confirm this story. I was also contacted by Cllr Ciano Rebecchi to discuss this service removal.

“It’s clear that a cross party approach to campaigning to save this unit is required and from what I have heard from multiple sources, this appears to have been a decision taken some time ago. As such, I have the following questions for the health board which I have sent them.

“This news will be concerning to local constituents and one that will raise alarm particularly as we are still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The IRH staff performed heroics during Covid-19 and we know that our area was the hardest hit by nature of many factors including our age demographic and underlying health conditions. This news will be a hammer blow to the community.

“I will be raising this matter in the Scottish Parliament and I know the community will be full square behind the saving of this service.”

Q1. When was the decision taken to close the ITU?

Q2. What is the justification for this service being removed?

Q3. Who took the decision? a) the NHSGGC board, or b) local management?

Q4. When was the decision communicated to the IRH staff?

Q5. Were IRH staff consulted about this service being removed or were they informed it was to happen?

Q6. Is it true that NHS consultants have refused to work at the IRH resulting in this service being lost to Inverclyde?

Q7. Were senior management of the Integrated Inverclyde Joint Board consulted about this decision? If so, when?

Q8. Did senior management of the Integrated Joint Board express any concerns about this service being removed?

Q9. When were senior members of the Integrated Inverclyde Joint Board informed of the final decision?

Q10. Using the age groupings as per the National Records of Scotland, how many patients per age range, were treated in the IRH ITU per month in a) 2018, b) 2019 and c) 2020 and how many of these patients were residents of i) Inverclyde, ii) North Ayrshire, iii) Argyll and Bute and iv) elsewhere? (NRS age groupings are 0-15, 16-24, 25-44, 45-64, 65-74 and 75 and over)

Q11. What is the estimated financial saving to NHSGGC by removing the ITU?

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