Inverclyde needs a new build hospital, says McMillan

Stuart McMillan MSP for Greenock and Inverclyde has reiterated the need for a new-build hospital in Inverclyde.

Speaking during Jamie Greene MSP’s Member’s Debate on the ICU at Inverclyde Royal Hospital (IRH), Stuart made clear his view that the next local capital project should be a new hospital – as this would deliver better outcomes for patients, better working conditions for staff, and allay fears over future hospital provision in the area.

During his speech, Stuart spoke about the decision to transfer patients requiring Level 3 Intensive Care treatment to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow from Inverclyde:

“The first point I want to highlight is my frustration with [NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde]. I have said it publicly before but also to Health Board staff directly – the communication about this process was nothing short of a disgrace.

“Staff being told with 24 hours’ notice of a change is no way to run any service. It certainly showed a disregard for local staff and Inverclyde, so I fully understand and support the comments from my constituents as they expressed their anger.”

Stuart said that the ICU beds at the IRH are not closed and are able to deliver Level 1 and Level 2 Intensive Care treatment – but he wants to see Level 3 Intensive Care provision returned to the local hospital as soon as possible.

The local MSP also highlighted recruitment issues at the IRH, saying:

“…the continual claims that services are going and the hospital is shutting will do nothing to entice people to work at the IRH. Who would want to work in a hospital if they thought it was going to shut?”

Commenting after the debate, Stuart said:

“I believe that a new-build hospital for Inverclyde would provide three key benefits: deliver better health outcomes for patients, provide a better working environment for staff, and remove fears about the future of local hospital provision.

“It could also help improve recruitment efforts to the IRH, as staff would have confidence in the fact that the hospital services in Inverclyde are here to stay.

“I first proposed this idea in 2016 and have raised it with previous and current Health Secretaries.

“I know the health board and the Scottish Government are committed to the IRH, but delivering a new hospital would put that beyond any doubt.

“Over £30 million has recently been invested to deliver Orchard View, the replacement for Ravenscraig Hospital, and the new Greenock Health Centre. Adding a new hospital into the mix would boost people’s trust in the health board and help ensure better health outcomes for my constituents.”

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