Stuart McMillan launches second billboard poster

‘The SNP saved our shipyard, don’t let Labour and the Tories sink it’

Greenock and Inverclyde SNP candidate Stuart McMillan has highlighted the Scottish Government’s £47m investment in our local shipyard – which both Labour and the Tories voted against during the budget process.

Fergusons was taken into public ownership in August 2019 by the SNP Scottish Government and this action saved the 400 jobs at the yard, including apprentices.

Commenting after the launch, Stuart said:

“Shipbuilding is not just part of our history, it’s part of our future. Ferguson Marine is crucial to our constituency by providing over 400 jobs, including apprentices and only recently they announced a further 120 jobs were to be created.

“With Labour voting with the Tories to reject the Budget on 9 March – which included £47m for the yard over the next year – then it’s clear that neither Labour nor the Tories can be trusted with our yard. The SNP saved our yard don’t let Labour and the Tories sink it!

“Not one person can say the yard’s recent history has been filled with glory but at least it now has a chance to be turned around and moved forward. That’s something Labour and the Tories voted against.

“I should not have been surprised by their actions as in the Parliamentary debate on 2 February, we had Labour and Tory MSPs once again show their true colours about the yard. Labour’s Colin Smyth MSP called for a criminal investigation into the awarding of the contract and Graham Simpson MSP and Peter Chapman MSP of the Tories complained of the waste of money being spent on the yard.

“Everyone in Inverclyde knows the record of destruction the Tories have when it comes to shipbuilding. Sadly, this year, Labour joined them with their lack of support for Ferguson Marine.

“The choice at this election is loud and clear, who does the electorate believe will stand up for shipbuilding in Inverclyde. Is it the SNP who saved the yard or Labour and the Tories who vote against giving the yard money and want criminal investigations into the yard?

“Only Both Votes SNP protects our yard.”

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