SNP Government to provide free school breakfasts and lunches to every primary school pupil

The SNP have pledged to provide free school breakfasts and lunches to every primary school pupil if returned to government. 

Both breakfast and lunches will be made available all year round, ending the holiday gap that left too many children hungry, and increasing the saving to families to an estimated £650 per year per child. 

Greenock and Inverclyde SNP candidate, Stuart McMillan, believes this policy announcement yet again highlights the SNP’s commitment to improving the lives of every child, no matter where they live.

The SNP also plans to pilot free nutritious school breakfasts in secondary schools, which could see universal breakfast provision rolled out for older pupils.

During the pandemic, the SNP Government has provided additional help to low incomes families, providing free school meals during holidays and additional income through two £100 pandemic support payments.

Commenting on the announcement, Stuart said: 

“School meals boost children’s energy, concentration and behaviour, which leads to improvements in academic attainment. Our plan gives much-needed support to families right now – but it is also a significant investment in Scotland’s future.

“This is just one in a long line of policies that show the SNP is committed to supporting young people at school, but is also supporting families by removing some of the daily costs that they face.

“We’ll also look to pilot free nutritious school breakfasts in secondary schools – which will help us to explore the feasibility of universal breakfast provision in secondary schools.

“All children in primaries 1 to 3 already benefit from access to free school meals, saving families around £400 per child per year. In Inverclyde, thanks to the Inverclyde SNP council group, this was extended to all P4s locally as well. 

“It took footballer Marcus Rashford to shame Boris Johnson into providing free school meals to children in England during the height of the pandemic last year. We can’t trust Westminster to deliver for the rest of the UK, never mind Scotland. 

“Only by giving both votes to the SNP in May will we continue to see transformational polices enacted in Scotland, improving the lives of our young people and giving a clear signal to London that the people of Scotland want our future to be decided upon and shaped in Scotland.” 

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